Director Welcome message

We have great fortune to achieve this by using our resources which until now are untouched. Education is all about achieving your potential not just getting knowledge on a specific field. It is not just about having the right content. The need to know is compelling; it drives discoveries that can change the face of our world. It is within this context that we establish this institution to contribute in helping people achieving their potentials—whatever they want out of life, and whatever their circumstances. IRIZ will continually develop innovative tools to help students learn in different environments. Care, skill, and passion are the essential ingredients that are really important to everyone at IRIZ. We take up the work of not just making a living but of making a life. When we Plan what to accomplish with our one valuable Life. I think we should remind ourselves to use what we have to find better life for ourselves and our society and not to spread evil in the world. Thus IRIZ will guide its members to achieve this mission for our benefit and future generation.
We will guide to Plan your life great vision and help you to turn your good brain to great mind. Remember to be strong for success of yourself and others. If we are not careful and keep doing mistakes what goes around will comes around. Let us join our hands to make impossible possible, this is where our opportunity window exist. Thus why we argue that at IRIZ Good Brain will turn to Great Mind. This is the center of Creativity. I wish all of you the best and successful life and well come to our Institute of Research and Innovation-Zanzibar (IRIZ).